Miracles and Parables

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Class # TypeClass TopicTeacherDate
ListenWatchSunday SchoolThou Shalt Not Covet!Bro. Frank13-Oct-13
ListenWatchSunday SchoolIsaiah Ch 8Bro. Ryan King18-May-14
ListenWatchSunday SchoolThe Zeal of Phinehas & story of the Alter of EdBro. Jim Sullivan31-Aug-14
ListenWatchSunday SchoolChrist and the Two Temples Class 1Bro. Steve Smith16-Nov-14
ListenWatchSunday SchoolChrist and the Two Temples Class 2Bro. Steve Smith7-Dec-14
ListenWatchSunday SchoolThe One Yahweh Name in Jesus ChristBro. Dan Billington5-Apr-15
ListenWatchSunday SchoolFellowship of the mystery - Peter's use of the 2nd KeyBro. Steve30-Nov-15
Not RecordedIntroIntroductionBro. Bob20-Oct-13
ListenWatchMiracleBorn of a virginBro. Bob10-Nov-13
ListenWatchMiracleBorn of a virgin part 2Bro. Bob17-Nov-13
WatchMiracleBorn of a virgin part 3Bro. Bob24-Nov-13
WatchMiracleWater into wineBro. Steve1-Dec-13
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a nobleman's sonBro. Bob22-Dec-13
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a man with an unclean spirit in their synagogueBro. Ralph29-Dec-13
ListenWatchMiracleHealing Simon Peter's mother-in-lawBro. Chris5-Jan-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing the sick during the eveningBro. Joshua12-Jan-14
ListenWatchMiracleCatching a large number of fish (their net brake)Bro. Roger19-Jan-14
ListenWatchMiracleCleansing a leperBro. Malcolm2-Feb-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing one sick of the palsyBro. Ralph9-Feb-14
ListenWatchParableNew cloth on an old coat, New wine in old wineskinsBro. Bob23-Feb-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a man who had an infirmity for 38 yearsBro. Chris9-Mar-14
ListenWatchParableWise and foolish buildersBro. Bob16-Mar-14
ListenWatchMiracleSabbath healing of a man which had a withered handBro. Joshua30-Mar-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing the centurion's servantBro. Steve13-Apr-14
ListenWatchMiracleRaising a widow's sonBro. Ralph20-Apr-14
ListenWatchParableA certain creditor which had two debtorsBro. Chris27-Apr-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a blind and mute man who was possessed by a demonBro. Roger11-May-14
ListenWatchParableSign of JonahBro. Malcolm25-May-14
ChartWatchParableParable of the SowerBro. Joshua1-Jun-14
ListenWatchParableLamp under a bushel (also see Parable #22)Bro. Bob22-Jun-14
ListenWatchParableTares among the wheatBro. Steve29-Jun-14
ListenWatchParableA man should cast seed into the groundBro. Bob6-Jul-14
ListenWatchParableThe mustard seedBro. Ralph20-Jul-14
ListenWatchParableThe kingdom of heaven is like unto leavenBro. Chris10-Aug-14
ListenWatchParableTreasure hid in a field, One pearl of great priceBro. Steve17-Aug-14
ListenWatchParableA net that was cast into the seaBro. Joshua24-Aug-14
ListenWatchParableAn householder... his treasure things new and oldBro. Roger7-Sep-14
ListenWatchMiracleCalming the winds and the seaBro. Malcolm14-Sep-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing LegionBro. Steve12-Oct-14
ListenWatchParableNew cloth on an old coat, New wine in old wineskinsBro. Chris19-Oct-14
ListenWatchMiracleRaising Jairus'' daughterBro. Ralph26-Oct-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a woman with an issue of blood twelve yearsBro. Bob9-Nov-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing two blind men part 1Bro. Joshua16-Nov-14
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a mute man possessed by a demonBro. Roger21-Dec-14
ListenWatchMiracleFeeding 5000Bro. Malcolm28-Dec-14
ListenWatchMiracleWalking on waterBro. Steve18-Jan-15
ListenWatchMiracleHealing many in GennesaretBro. Bob1-Feb-15
ListenWatchParableThe blind leading the blindBro. Ralph22-Feb-15
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a daughter that had an unclean spiritBro. Chris15-Mar-15
ListenWatchMiracleHealing the lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and healing a deaf man with a speech impedimentBro. Joshua29-Mar-15
ListenWatchMiracleFeeding the 4000Bro. Malcolm12-Apr-15
ListenWatchMiracleThe pool of BethesdaBro. Bob31-May-15
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a blind man in BethsaidaBro. Bob7-Jun-15
ListenWatchMiracleThe Transfiguration part 1Bro. Steve21-Jun-15
ListenWatchMiracleThe Transfiguration part 2Bro. Steve26-Jun-15
ListenWatchMiracleThe Transfiguration part 3Bro. Steve3-Jul-15
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a lunatic, and sore vexed boyBro. Ralph17-May-15
ListenWatchMiracleHealing a man born blindBro. Chris9-Aug-15
Not Recorded32MiracleFish with a coin in its mouthBro. Joshua6-Sep-15
Not Recorded17ParableChildren and One Lost sheep (See Parable #32)Bro. Malcolm3-May-15
ListenWatchParableThe Unforgiving ServantBro. Roger11-Oct-15
ListenWatchParableThe Good Samaritan
Part 1
Bro. Steve25-Oct-15
ListenWatchParableThe Good Samaritan
Part 2
Bro. Steve1-Nov-15
ListenWatchParableFriend, lend me three loaves… Class 1Bro. Josh22-Nov-15
ListenWatchParableFriend, lend me three loaves… Class 2 Bro. Josh6-Dec-15
ListenWatchParableFriend, lend me three loaves… Class 3Bro. Josh13-Dec-15
ListenWatchParablea strong man armed… unclean spirit walketh through dry placesBro. Ralph3-Jan-16
ListenWatchParableRich man builds bigger barnsBro. Joshua31-Jan-16
ListenWatchParableWatchful Servants (See Parable #47)Bro. Roger7-Feb-16
ListenWatchParableWise and foolish servants (See Parable #48)Bro. Malcolm28-Feb-16
ListenWatchParableUnfruitful Fig TreeBro. Steve6-Mar-16
ListenWatchMiracleSabbath healing the woman with 18 year infirmityBro. Bob20-Mar-16
ListenWatchParableThe sheep, gate, and shepherdBro. Ralph27-Mar-16
ListenWatchParableAre there few that be saved?... Enter in at the strait gateBro. Chris24-Apr-16
ListenWatchMiracleSabbath healing a man with dropsyBro. Bob1-May-16
ListenWatchParableSit down in the lowest roomBro. Steve8-May-16
ListenWatchParableInvitation to a great banquetBro. Joshua15-May-16
ListenWatchParableCost of discipleshipBro. Roger22-May-16
ListenWatchParableOne Lost sheep (See Parable #17), Lost coinBro. Malcolm29-May-16
ListenWatchParableThe Prodigal/Lost sonsBro. Ralph5-Jun-16
ListenWatchParableThe unjust stewardBro. Chris24-Jul-16
ListenWatchParableRich man and Lazarus - ABro. Steve31-Jul-16
ListenWatchParableRich man and Lazarus - BBro. Steve7-Aug-16
ListenWatchParableRich man and Lazarus - CBro. Steve14-Aug-16
ListenWatchParableMaster and his servant - part 1Bro. Malcolm21-Aug-16
ListenWatchParableMaster and his servant - part 2Bro. Malcolm28-Aug-16
ListenWatchMiracleBringing Lazarus back to lifeBro. Bob4-Sep-16
ListenWatchMiracleHealing 10 men suffering from leprosyBro. Joshua11-Sep-16
ListenWatchParablePersistent widow and crooked judgeBro. Roger18-Sep-16
ListenWatchParablePharisee and tax collectorBro. Bob25-Sep-16
ListenWatchParableCamel Through the Eye of a NeedleBro. Ralph9-Oct-16
ListenWatchParableWorkers in the vineyard, early and lateBro. Chris16-Oct-16
ListenWatchParableNobleman’s ten servants ten pounds Part 1Bro. Joshua6-Nov-16
ListenWatchParableNobleman’s ten servants ten pounds Part 2Bro. Joshua13-Nov-16
ListenWatchMiracleHealing Bartimaeus of blindnessBro. Roger20-Nov-16
ListenWatchMiraclePredict Future in obtaining ColtBro. Malcolm4-Dec-16
ListenWatchMiracleThe Withering Fig TreeBro. Steve11-Dec-16
ListenWatchParableTwo sons, one obeys one does notBro. Bob18-Dec-16
ListenWatchParableWicked husbandmenBro. Ralph1-Jan-17
ListenWatchParableKing's invitation to marriage for his sonBro. Chris29-Jan-17
ListenWatchParableSigns of the future from a fig tree - Part 1Bro. Steve5-Feb-17
ListenWatchParableSigns of the future from a fig tree - Part 2Bro. Steve5-Mar-17
ListenWatchParableSigns of the future from a fig tree - Part 3Bro. Steve12-Mar-17
ListenWatchParableSigns of the future from a fig tree - Part 4Bro. Steve26-Mar-17
ListenWatchParableSigns of the future from a fig tree - Part 5Bro. Steve2-Apr-17
Not RecordedParableServants must remain watchful (See Parable #50)Bro. Bob16-Apr-17
ListenWatchParableWise and foolish servants (See Parable #25)Bro. Roger23-Apr-17
ListenWatchParable5 Wise and 5 Foolish Virgins part 1Bro. Malcolm30-Apr-17
ListenWatchParable5 Wise and 5 Foolish Virgins part 2Bro. Malcolm7-May-17
ListenWatchParableThree servants given talents (also see #47)Bro. Bob14-May-17
ListenWatchParableThe Sheep and The Goats part 1Bro. Steve28-May-17
ListenWatchParableThe Sheep and The Goats part 2Bro. Steve4-Jun-17
ListenWatchParableThe Sheep and The Goats part 3Bro. Steve18-Jun-17
ListenWatchMiraclePredict Future in preparation of the upper roomBro. Ralph25-Jun-17
ListenWatchMiraclePredict Future in Judas' BetrayalBro. Chris9-Jul-17
ListenWatchParableBread and WineBro. Steve30-Jul-17
ListenWatchMiraclePredict Future in Peter's DenialBro. Joshua3-Sep-17
ListenWatchParableThe VineBro. Malcolm17-Sep-17
ListenWatchMiracleRestoring a severed earBro. Bob24-Sep-17
ListenWatchMiracleThe resurrection of Jesus ChristBro. Ralph1-Oct-17
ListenWatchMiracleCatching of the 153 fishBro. Chris29-Oct-17
ListenMiracleThe ascension of Jesus ChristBro. Roger12-Nov-17